complex text

The sacred text of the bible is sometimes used as a weapon. This likely comes as no surprise.

Humans have an awesome capacity for good and we also have a huge capacity for hurting one another. We see this reality in the way in which we humans engage with the world around us.

The internet is being used to build community, inspire creativity and to foster social advocacy and the internet is also being used to exploit the most vulnerable in our communities.

It is similar with approaches to the bible.

While the biblical text can inspire, challenge and liberate, people can also cherry pick verses from the bible, cutting them out of their context in order to justify their own position, or to use them to judge or condemn others.

Despite this, the biblical text is a rich, complex and contradictory source that invites active engagement and questioning.

Just one great example of this complexity is seen in the various creation stories (yes, there is more than one) that co-exist and contradict within the bible.

We will be exploring these texts,  and some of the diverse theological implications of these sources in an evening seminar on Thursday September 17 at RUC at 7.30pm.

There is no cost and no need to rsvp.

Everyone is welcome, whether you are familiar with the bible or have never opened one in your life.


Rev Dr Sally Douglas