brother bird, sister bird

St Francis is a guy who I would love to have a long, simple, lunch with.

He went from riches to rags, by choice.

When he experienced Christ speaking to him Francis’ listened and followed and chose to live in a radically new way.

Much to his family’s consternation he rejected his wealth and status, started caring for lepers and called followers of Jesus to live simply and generously.

Francis also believed in the sacredness and value of the earth and all living creatures.

It is said that he talked to the birds, and other animals, and called them his sisters and brothers.

He was in tune with the divine and with nature and how these are woven together.

On St Francis’ day this year at RUC we are celebrating by getting outside.

Church will be in the park on October 4 and everyone is welcome.

For more information, click on our events page.


Rev Dr Sally Douglas