Time for Soul Space?

As the festivities – both those that were cherished and those that were endured – come to a close and we move into the rhythm of the ‘normal’ year, the opportunity can present itself to consider anew what life is about.

Beyond the pressures of consuming, incessant status updates and busyness, questions of the heart and the spirit can tug at us to be attended to as the new year stretches ahead.

The church is often presented as the last place to consider questions of spirituality and meaning-  instead in popular imagination the church is commonly presented as a place of narrow, simplistic thinking and dictatorial preaching.

However,  this is not the reality at RUC.

Here we sense, deep in our bellies, that there is more to life than consuming, being seen and being ‘successful’.  We are open to mystery and open to questions, our own and those of others.

We are a diverse mix of people who are drawn again and again to the wisdom and challenge that Jesus embodies.  We engage seriously with sacred scripture and seek to intentionally create space for stillness and opportunities to go deeper in our thinking and in our experience of the divine.

If you are looking for a safe space to dip into, as you travel on your spiritual journey,  you are so very welcome to come and see.

10am on any Sunday is a good place to start.

Every blessing for your year,


Rev Dr Sally Douglas