Ashes to Ashes

Tomorrow across the World Wide Western church it is Ash Wednesday.

This is a countercultural day because it invites us to face our mortality. A reality that many, many people work hard to ignore.

Ash Wednesday also invites us to face the ways in which we are living – whether we are carrying around hate and fear, anxiety or despair to the point where the way of radical compassion embodied by Jesus is squeezed out. This can be on an individual level, and also on a national level, as reflected in current political policies regarding asylum seekers in this country.

All in all, Ash Wednesday can be confronting.

However there is gift in this confronting day because it invites us to get real: to be honest about our finite number of days on this earth and how we are spending them.

What is more this day invites us to be open to the presence of the divine within our broken reality.

We don’t have to be perfect before we can turn up before God – the way of Jesus is about inviting us to get real, to turn around and to actually be honest with ourselves and with the divine, so that the divine can begin to attend to our wounds.

On Wednesday 10 February at RUC we will be entering into worship that seeks to create some space for these hard, important things.

There will be ashes and silence and space for reflection and everyone is welcome.

5:45pm – 6:30pm @ RUC

Rev Dr Sally Douglas