Children and Spirituality

Childrens Dipping in Poster

What is spirituality? How do we connect with our spirit and divine Spirit?

One of the things that Jesus is recorded as saying is that in order to get close to the energy of the divine, we need to become like a child.

In an evening seminar we will investigate the ways in which understandings of children, and childhood, have varied over the centuries and how Jesus’ words about becoming like a child have been understood differently.

We will then begin exploring what this might mean in our own context.

We will reflect on the ways in which we can make space for children to engage in spirituality and how we, as adults, can connect with our own inner child on our spiritual path.

This will be an evening with space for dialogue and questions.

Thursday 5 May 7:30pm-9:00pm
Richmond Uniting Church, 304 Church Street

Everyone is warmly welcome.


Rev Dr Sally Douglas

Childrens Dipping in Poster