What and Why is Synod?

In the Uniting Church we don’t have hierarchies.

We seek to work through decisions in a complex and powerful process of  consensus.
That is, we seek to make decisions by discerning together – lay people and ordained people, old people and young people, people from regional settings and people from the city, women and men, and people from a huge variety of cultural backgrounds.

Our Synod meeting (for Victoria and Tasmania) happens every 18 months in order for this big scale discerning to happen.

We certainly don’t always get it right – but we seek to be embed within our very way of being church our theology: the heart conviction that Christ Jesus is the head of the church – no one else – and that we are called together as the body of Christ to listen and respond.

This week, over 5 days of meeting together (often for 12 hours a day),  some 300 people from across Victoria and Tasmania met from all of our varied contexts, to listen to one another and to listen for the Spirit in our decisions.

It was an (exhausting and amazing) honour to be part of this .

If you would like to see a glimpse of the 2016 Synod meeting head to the link below and you can click to see information about each of the Synod days:




Rev Dr Sally Douglas