Love Makes A Way

Thousands of Australians are concerned about the way in which successive Australian governments have responded to, and continue to respond to,  people seeking asylum in Australia.

Not only are people concerned, they are expressing their concern in non-violent acts of resistance.

Christians from a wide variety of denominations are continuing to peacefully and creatively protest the intentionally dehumanising and cruel practices of indefinitely holding people in detention on Nauru and on Manus, through Love Makes a Way.

The peaceful protesting of Love Makes A Way has been expressed in the form of prayer vigils, gathering to sing together at MP’s offices, and protesting through art.  These people: some clergy, some lay people, professionals, students, retirees, old and young, are brave and passionate and will not cease to voice the concerns of so many.

While violence often dominates our culture in both action and rhetoric, the peaceful resisting of Love Makes A Way is representative of another way – the way of Christ Jesus who embodies radical compassion and who is not afraid to challenge unjust systems.

If you would like to know more, here is a link to this group: