40 Years – 40 Days

The Uniting Church was birthed in Australia as the Congregationalists, Methodists and Presbyterians came together in June 1977.

The journey to union took time, debate and deep discernment.  The reason the Uniting Church is called ‘Uniting’ rather than ‘United’ is because this work is not finished.  Our church yearns for – and seeks to work towards  – the world wide Christian church being united.

In the month leading up to the celebration of 40 years since union, beginning on Sunday May 14, over 40 days Uniting Church people around Australia are being invited to pray for the UCA.  This is about intentionally taking some time each day to bring this beautiful, broken church before the Divine, seeking God’s wisdom, challenge, courage and grace.

The South Australian UCA moderator Rev Sue Ellis has prepared some daily prayers for this time that you may like to utilise.  Here is a link below:

Every blessing


Rev Dr Sally Douglas


40 days of prayer