Caring for the Earth, Not being Burnt Out and Church in the Park

At Richmond Uniting Church we stand in solidarity with all those who seek to care for the earth.

This is because we understand the earth as the Divine’s good creation. This is not some simplistic literalist understanding of the earth being made in 6 days. The biblical text makes it clear that creation stories are not meant to be understood literally, by placing two contrasting creation stories alongside one another in Genesis chapter 1 and Genesis chapter 2.

What is being explored in the bible is the provocative heart claim that we are not alone; that the earth, and, indeed, all things, are infused with Divine light and compassion.

If we take this understanding seriously, we cannot stand by and ignore the impacts of human activity on climate change. Instead, we are called to honour and protect the earthy goodness that the Divine has made and loves.

Around Australia on Friday 20th September hundreds of Uniting Church people will be joining in the Climate Strike.

The work of protest and advocacy is important. It can also be exhausting.

We need spiritual sustenance, in things like time in nature, rest, play, prayer and connection with one another, so that we are nourished for this work and do not become burnt-out or bitter.

If you would like to join with others in such a time to celebrate creation, pray for care of the earth and to bless furry friends you are invited to join us for Church in the Park on Sunday 29th November.

Everyone is welcome, whether you are full of faith, or full of doubt, or a messy mixture of both.


Rev Dr Sally Douglas