Awareness Examen

An Awareness Examen can be used daily. It is a prayer practice, drawn from St Ignatius, that invites us to become aware of what is really going on within. It has three movements. You can engage in this practice for a couple of minutes or 10 minutes each day.

Here are the 3 basic steps:

  1. Become still and open to God’s presence. Breathe more deeply and rest in this moment. Become aware of what you actually desire and name this to God. It may be peace, community, wisdom…
  2. Become aware of when you felt most energised in the last day. It may be when you gave or received the most love, or saw beauty. Let this moment emerge, rather than trying to find the ‘right’ answer. Go back to this moment and savour it. Give thanks to God for this experience.
  3. Become aware of when you felt most depleted in the last day. It may be when love was withheld or fear overwhelmed. Go back to this moment, not to judge or to solve, or to blame yourself or other people. Instead, invite God into this situation, seeking God’s healing and wisdom.

Engaging in this practice calls us into the truth of our lives and allows God to meet us in the messiness of reality. Over time, deep wisdom and insight can grow out of this simple practice.

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