Holy week online resources

All around the world, while we struggle with Covid-19 epidemic, for Christians this week is Holy Week.

Over the coming days, here you will find Holy Week resources for worshipping in your homes. These liturgies can be used together or on your own.

Each of the prayers seek to hold the truth together, the truth of the pain and difficulty of our global situation and the reality of the Divine’s breathtaking love for each and every one of us, and all things, in the midst of this.

We would normally gather for different services over these coming days. This is not possible this year. However, as a way of marking this sacred time, you may like to eat by candle light on Maundy Thursday (9th April), on Good Friday (10th April) and on Holy Saturday (11th April).

Maundy Thursday

Below is a link to a quiet imaginative, reflective service that utilises waterfor our Maundy Thursday worship. It focuses on the Gospel of John’s account of the night Jesus was betrayed. We will be sharing in this liturgy in our home around 7pm. You may like to do the same. For this service you will need a candle and a bible. You may also like to prepare a large bowl of warm soapy water, and a towel, for each person participating.

Download the Maundy Thursday liturgy for the home

Good Friday

The Good Friday liturgy is an audio form of worship.

On Good Friday we lean in to listen and engage with John’s telling of Jesus’ passion (John 18.1-19.45). We wrestle with the shocking implications of this account as it confronts us with hard truths about ourselves and about God. Here we discover the gentleness of God and our own propensity for violence. Here we face truth that can set free.

Music Suggestions for Good Friday Audio Worship

Were you there when they crucified my Lord an African American Spiritual (345 Together in Song)


Love Doesn’t End by Michael Nyman


When I survey the wondrous cross by Isaac Watts (342 Together in Song)


Easter Sunday

On Easter Day there are invitations to worship in different ways.

Below you will find a link to a liturgy that is designed to be shared over a meal, perhaps breakfast. It is grounded in John’s Gospel and is called “Come and Have Breakfast”– for this liturgy you will need a candle, a bible, bread or hot cross buns to share, fish if this is a celebratory food for you, and juice. You may also like to have tea light candles to light, during prayers for the earth. You will find an information sheet about this table liturgy is also below.

We gathered for live audio worship at Richmond Uniting for Easter Day.

We sang awkwardly over the airwaves, we prayed together, we shared with one another, we cried together and we laughed together.

Below you will find a link to the audio recording of the Reflection exploring John 20.1-18 in which Mary Magdalene is a disciple, the first apostle and the evangelist to the male disciples. We also explore what it might mean for us to take God’s resurrection life seriously in our own living.

The order of worship is also below, if you would like to engage with the prayers and hymns in your own worship at home.

“Come and have breakfast’ – A table liturgy for Easter Day

Easter Day Order of Worship for Live Audio Worship at Richmond Uniting 12 April 2020

Why this table liturgy ‘Come and have Breakfast’ for Easter Day? Rev Dr S Douglas