Online worship resources for Sunday 31 May

Welcome to Richmond Uniting’s Worship resources for Sunday 31 May.

We are currently not worshipping as a gathered community due to the COVID–19 pandemic – but we are still worshipping together in new ways. Below you will find an audio recording that you can be used for worship at home that includes prayer, the bible readings for 31 May and discussion. You can listen to this with others or on your own.

This week, it is Pentecost Sunday. We are invited to reflect on what happens when we are open to Holy Spirit being poured out. In 1 Corinthians 12.3-13 and Acts 2.1-21 we discover that experiencing the Holy Spirit is not simply about a personal high but rather it is about being caught up in Divine love in which our categories – of racism, sexism, ageism, class based discrimination and our own ego trips are all burned away.

Listen to this week’s service using the embedded player below. You can also copy this link into your podcast player of choice if you would like to receive updates as they are released:

A Poem by Ali Eckermann ‘Kulila’ to listen to this Reconciliation Week
On Poetry Unbound with Padraig O’Tuama

Music Suggestions for Worship

SONG: Breathe on my breath of God by Edwin Hatch (407 Together in Song)

SONG: Where the Spirit leads by Upside down Kingdom

Wondering Questions

  • What blocks you from being open to Holy Spirit? You may want to name these things.
  • What practices might you may cultivate to be open to Holy Spirit speaking in your life?