Online worship resources for Sunday 16 August

We are currently not worshipping as a gathered community due to the COVID–19 pandemic but we are still worshipping together in new ways. Below you will find an audio recording that you can be used for worship at home that includes prayer, the bible readings and discussion for August 16. 

As well as participating in the audio worship, if you would like to connect more with the Richmond Uniting Church community during lockdown, for example by joining in Midday Prayers or being part of our Zoom ‘morning tea’ catch ups or discussion groups please email: to find out more.

Listen to this week’s service using the embedded player below. You can also copy this link into your podcast player of choice if you would like to receive updates as they are released:

God, power and the problem of suffering

This week, as we again engage with the ancient story of Joseph and his brothers in Genesis 45.1-15, Rev Dr Sally Douglas invites us to reflect on God, power and the problem of suffering. Beyond the false paradigms of thinking God causes suffering or that God is impotent to respond to suffering, we dive deeply to reflect on who, and how, God is involved in suffering in the light of Christ Jesus.

Music Suggestions for Worship:

God of many names by Brian Wren 
(180 Together in Song)

Beauty for brokenness by Graham Kendrick
(690 Together in Song)

Wondering Questions

  • How were you taught to understand suffering? Is this theology or philosophy nourishing your life and relationship with God now or does this need to change?
  • What healing, what new life, what unexpected risen life might God be calling forth in situations of suffering (in our own lives and in our global village) right now and how might we participate with God in this?
  • How might you gently respond to people who believe God has caused their suffering?