Online worship resources for Sunday 27 September

Worship for 27 September 2020  

Reflecting on Exodus 17.1-7, Philippians 2.1-13 and Matthew 20.23-32

Putting down the scorecards and wading into love …

In this audio form of worship Rev Dr Sally Douglas introduces a Pentecost Season Table Liturgy and invites us to participate at home in this worship over a meal. See the PDF of the Table Liturgy below. The audio worship does not include a full service, because we are all invited to utilise this Table Liturgy. Instead, the audio includes the bible readings for the day, and a reflection on the reading from Philippians 2. This reading explores the ancient hymn embedded within this chapter in which divine power is revealed to be very different from human constructions of power.

Listen to this week’s service using the embedded player below. You can also copy this link into your podcast player of choice if you would like to receive updates as they are released:

Table Liturgy for the Pentecost Season


Evidence indicates that in the early church people gathered for worship in homes, over meals. You are invited to print out this Table liturgy for the Pentecost Season and utilise it for worship over a meal either alone, or with others, at home on Sunday 27 September 2020. This simple worship service is grounded in John’s Gospel. It focuses on Jesus’ words, declared in the midst of ministry that he is the bread of life and on Jesus’ declaration of sharing the living water. While the liturgy includes bread and water/juice, it is does not include Holy Communion. John’s Gospel does not include an account of the last supper.

This liturgy includes prayers, pauses, spaces for song, for personal reflection and for shared discussion if you are eating with others. If you are engaging in this worship alone, you may wish to have pencil and paper on the table, so that after the Gospel reading you can write or sketch about your ideas, questions and insights as you eat (or as you listen to the audio reflection).

In preparation for this worship you are invited to gather a candle, bread and water, a bible and some tea light candles if you would like to light them during the prayers for others.

Wondering Questions

  • I wonder how you imagine this ancient song sounding, as people gathered in someone’s home for worship in the very early church? How do you react to the idea of God being the One who gives divine power away in Jesus?
  • Right now in your life, do you find yourself more likely to be giving too much of yourself and not allowing yourself to receive, or giving too little of your self and letting others always serve you? Is greater balance needed in your life so that you may step more deeply into the flow of divine love, both giving generously and receiving openly?
  • How do you sense God at work in you at present? How might God be stirring you to participate more fully in Christ’s humble, joy filled love?

Music Suggestion

May the Mind of Christ my saviour by Katie Barclay Wilkinson
(Together in Song 609) This version song by Josh Bales

Table liturgy

Download the table liturgy