Online Worship resources for 27 December 2020

In this audio form of worship, Rev Dr Sally Douglas introduces a simple Liturgy that can be utilised at home. See the PDF of the Liturgy below.

This liturgy is intended to be spacious – with lots of room for silence, for reflecting and for personal prayer. If you are engaging in this worship alone, you may wish to have a pencil and paper nearby, so that you can write or sketch about your ideas, questions and insights as they emerge.

Unexpected God, unexpected answers

The audio worship does not include a full service, because you are invited to utilise this liturgy if you cannot join us for contemplative worship in person on Sunday 27 December. The audio includes the bible readings for the day and a brief reflection on Luke 2.22-40, a passage that is set a little over a week after Jesus is born.

In preparation for this worship at home, you are invited to print out the liturgy and to light a candle.

Listen to this week’s service using the embedded player below. You can also copy this link into your podcast player of choice if you would like to receive updates as they are released:

Wondering Questions

How might it change your view of God – and of Divine power – to engage with the reality that Jesus is not only on the side of the poor in the Gospels, but that Jesus is poor growing up?

How might you cultivate practices that help you to tune into the movement of God? (Hint – slowing down and cultivating a contemplative prayer practice is a very good place to start).

What is this reading speaking to you as we draw near to the end of 2020? What hopes, insights, challenges or practices might you carry into the new year?

Simple Liturgy for use at home

Download the Simple Liturgy for use at home

Additional resources

The books mentioned in the reflection: