Online worship resources for Sunday 14 February

Due to the new statewide Victorian five day lockdown we will not be meeting for face-to-face worship at Richmond Uniting on Sunday 14th February. However, we are still offering worship resources for everyone. Below you will find a link to our online audio resources and a written liturgy for worship at home.

The online audio consists of the biblical reading(s) and the reflection (sermon). To accompany this, please find a simple, inclusive liturgy, composed by Rev Dr Sally Douglas, that can be utilised for worship on your own or with others.

This liturgy creates the shape for worship and gives space for your own prayers of gratitude and praise. When it comes to the reading(s) and reflection, you are invited to listen to the audio and engage with the wondering questions (below). Following this, the liturgy continues with space to for you to share your prayers for the earth. The liturgy concludes with a blessing.

Download the Simple Liturgy for Worship at Home

Readings for Sunday 14th February

Psalm 50.1-6
Mark 9.2-9

Thinking about G*d’s glory

This week in the reflection Rev Dr Sally Douglas invites us to engage with the story of the transfiguration of Jesus and to read this within its wider context in Mark’s Gospel. In particular we are invited to reflect on the ‘upside down’ glory of G*d revealed in Jesus and challenged to stop thinking we have to be ‘gloriously strong’ or ‘together’ before we can approach G*d.

Listen to this week’s service using the embedded player below. You can also copy this link into your podcast player of choice if you would like to receive updates as they are released:

Wondering Questions

  • When did you last behold something truly humble and glorious? What was it? Maybe it was a flower growing out of the concrete, an artwork by a child or an act of unexpected kindness
  • When you are travelling through suffering do you tend to draw close to God, or do you withdraw, trying to ‘solve’ life on your own?
  • How might you practice being open to the humble, self-giving glory of God revealed in Jesus this week?