Online worship resources for Sunday 7 February

We are now gathering for face-to-face worship at Richmond Uniting.

As 2021 unfolds we will also be offering online resources for worship at home for those who cannot join us.

For now, the online resources will consist of the audio of the biblical reading(s) each week and the reflection (sermon). To accompany this, we are making available a written liturgy, composed by Rev Dr Sally Douglas, that can be utilised for worship at home on your own or with others. This simple, inclusive liturgy is intended to be used in conjunction with the audio – the liturgy creates the shape for worship and gives space for your own prayer and then, when it comes to the reading(s) and reflection, the invitation is to listen to the audio and the wondering questions. Following this, the liturgy continues with prayers for the earth and a final blessing. Please find the liturgy attached below.

Download the Simple liturgy for use at home

What does discipleship actually look like?

This week in worship the readings are Psalm 147.1-11 and Mark 1.29-39. Rev Dr Sally Douglas invites us to dive into Mark’s Gospel, where we discover a very different understanding of discipleship. Rather than ‘leaving everything’, in Mark’s Gospel we find the reverse – the disciples invite Jesus into the mess, joy and sorrow of their family and home. Jesus responds in compassion and an unnamed woman models the truth about discipleship.

Listen to this week’s service using the embedded player below. You can also copy this link into your podcast player of choice if you would like to receive updates as they are released:

Wondering Questions

  • When you hear the word discipleship what images come to mind?
  • How might discipleship look different if it is about bringing the presence of Jesus into the messy reality of ordinary life – rather than thinking about discipleship as walking away and ‘leaving everything’?
  • As you seek to share Jesus’ self-giving love, how might you regularly carve out space for quiet rest, prayer and reflection – dwelling in God – even when people are placing demands on your time and attention?