Online worship resources for Sunday 18 July

This Sunday 18 July, due to lockdown in Melbourne we will not be gathering in person for worship. Instead, we will be worshipping together live via Zoom at 10am. Everyone is welcome.

Here is the Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 836 8077 8749

Passcode: 232207

You may like to download the Order of Worship so that you are able to join in the prayers and songs. This week we are exploring the theme of peace.

Download the Order of Worship

“Peace to you who were far off and peace to you who were near” Ephesians 2.17

What if peace wasn’t just something we tried to attain?

What if peace could be a gift? This week in worship we explore the disruptive challenge to stop competing and to accept the gift of peace through discovering we are each beloved of God.

Wondering Questions

  • Who do you find yourself comparing yourself with most? Who are you envious of?
  • How might you practise kindness to yourself and to them in that moment?
  • How would it be to utilise a prayer mantra in that moment such as: ‘For Jesus is our peace’ (Eph 2.14) or ‘I am a dwelling place for God – you are a dwelling place for God’ (Eph 2.22) or ‘Kyrie Eleison’ (Lord have mercy)?