Online worship resources for Sunday 25 July

This Sunday 25 July, due to lockdown in Melbourne we will not be gathering in person for worship. Instead, at 5pm we will be worshipping together live via Zoom. The worship is at 5pm rather than in the morning, because we would normally be gathering for our evening service, the Fourth at Five. Everyone is welcome.

Here is the Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 878 1353 3447
Passcode: 835445

You may like to download the Order of Worship so that you are able to join in the prayers and songs.

Download the Order of Worship

This week in worship, as we dive into the story of Jesus feeding the multitudes (John 6.1-15), we will be engaging with the gospel reading in a contemplative way.

Wondering questions

  • How was the experience of engaging with the bible using your imagination?
  • What struck you most in sharing the reading in this way tonight?
  • The disciples are full of fear and stuck in scarcity thinking that there is not enough. Jesus blows this fear out of the water, and out of scraps makes a feast for all, with 12 baskets gathered up. In your life do you get stuck in scarcity thinking – thinking that there is not enough time, or hope, support or wisdom? How would it be to take your fear that there is not enough to Jesus, so that Jesus may turn the scraps into nourishing fullness?