Online worship resources for Sunday 22 August

Words of Eternal life?

This Sunday we are gathering via Zoom for worship at 5pm for a quiet, contemplative service. This week we will engage with the question of what the words ‘eternal life’ really mean and we will try out a meditative prayer style together.

Download the order of worship so that you can join in the songs and prayers. Below you will find the wondering questions. The Zoom links is below and everyone is welcome.

Download the Order of Worship

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Meeting ID: 859 7251 8528
Passcode: 281631

Wondering Questions

  • How was it to try praying-meditating using a prayer word?
  • This style of praying takes time. Could you try making this part of your practice, for a minute or two at a time, each day throughout the week?
  • How does it change things for you knowing that ‘eternal life’ in John’s Gospel literally means ‘Life in the Age’? How do you react to the idea that the eternal, the ‘spiritual realm’, is close by not ‘up there’ or only after death?