Online worship resources for Sunday 29 August

What is religion that is ‘pure’?

This Sunday we are gathering via Zoom for worship at 10am for interactive, organic worship. This week we will engage with what ‘pure religion’ might be.

Below is the order of worship so that you can join in the songs and prayers. You will find the wondering questions below. Everyone is welcome.

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Wondering Questions

  • Do you find yourself getting seduced about ideas about being a Christian rather than focusing on embodying your Christian faith in kind words and loving actions?
  • Where do you see the church embodying compassion and kindness? Where do you see the church focused on ‘right’ ideas or being ‘pure’, important, or influential?
  • How do you respond to the idea that the letter of James is from Jesus’ brother James, who once tried to silence Jesus and who becomes an early church leader? Spend some time with the letter this week.