Online worship resources for Sunday 8 August

This Sunday 8 August we are gathering for worship on line via Zoom at 10am.

Being angry

This Sunday we are exploring the call in Ephesians to be angry. You are invited to print out the Order of Worship so that you can join in the songs and prayers. Everyone is welcome.

Download the Order of Worship

Here is the Zoom invitation to join us at 10am:

Meeting ID: 853 2195 5142
Passcode: 303679

Wondering Questions

  • When did you last feel angry? What did you do with that emotion? Did you let it out, was this in hurtful or healthy ways?
  • When you are feeling strong emotions what are the life giving things you can do, to let these feelings be safely expressed?
  • Who do you catch yourself imitating, or worrying about ‘what would they think?’? How can you get them off your metaphorical ‘shoulder’ so that Jesus is the one you turn to and seek to listen to and imitate?