Online worship resources for Sunday 19 September

The Upside-down power of the kingdom

This Sunday 19 September we are gathering via Zoom at 10am for interactive, organic worship. We will be exploring Jesus’ disruption of understandings of power in Mark and how this connects with the letter of James – and what it might for our lives.

Here is the Order of Worship so that you can join in the songs and prayers. Below you will find the wondering questions.

Download the Order of Worship

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Everyone is welcome.

Wondering Questions

  • Do we dare to believe that divine power, the kingdom of God, is embodied in Jesus – and is peaceable, merciful, and yielding? How is this view similar or different to what you have been taught about divine power?
  • How would it change our interactions with children (and other people considered the least in society) if we took seriously that we might encounter the divine in these people?
  • What challenges you most about the readings today?