Richmond Uniting is a Jesus community made up of people from a diversity of nationalities, backgrounds and beliefs.

We are young and old, we are unemployed, working, we are refugees and we are studying. We are single, we are married, we are gay, we are straight, we are searchers. Some of us are full of faith, some of us are full of doubts, some of us are new to church, some of us have been to church all our lives.

We come together as a growing, congregation with our hungers and yearnings and discover again and again the God of hospitality who comes to us in Jesus and who, through Spirit, longs to feed and nourish us with God’s very self.

Wherever you are on your faith or doubt journey you are welcome here.

Here there is space for all and there is hospitality for each one.

Worship: 10 am on Sundays – except on the fourth Sunday of the month when we worship at 5pm.

See under ‘Our Worship’ for more information about the Fourth at Five.