We are delighted to now be able to worship in person again at Richmond Uniting.

Worship is at 10am on Sunday mornings – except on the Fourth Sunday of the month when worship is at 5pm.

At Richmond Uniting we to seek to create space for authentic, transformative worship of the Divine who comes to us in Jesus and reaches out to us in Spirit Holy.

We take the bible seriously, not literally, as we wrestle with what it means to walk the way of Jesus.

We explore this sacred text in context: in the contexts in which these sacred texts were written and the context of our own living in the 21st century.

There is space for stillness, for different views and for personal reflection.

We offer prayers together, and pray in different ways, we sing together unaccompanied in a COVID safe way, with piano, with percussion, with organ and with guitar.

Children are valued as important members of the community. Noise is welcome and there are opportunities for children to participate meaningfully in worship and to engage playfully and creatively with the Jesus story.

We share in Holy Communion on the second Sunday of the month at 10am, and on the fourth Sunday of the month at 5pm.

The Fourth at Five

On the fourth Sunday of the month we gather for the ‘The Fourth at Five’. This worship service is at 5pm. Pre-COVID, we would gather over a meal for this worship service – and thus connect with traditions of the very early church. At present we are not able to share in a meal together due to COVID restrictions. However, this gentle worship service continues to be stripped back (not word heavy) and to create gracious space for stillness, reflection and to connect with ancient patterns of worship.

At Richmond Uniting we are pleased to provide an organ scholarship. Our current organ scholar is Tristan. Tristan plays the beautiful pipe organ and in 2021 we hope to be able to welcome Tristan back to play for us monthly.

At Richmond Uniting you are welcome to participate as much or as little as you feel able. If you have been to church often, not at all, or not in a long time, you are welcome. If you have been joining us for worship online and you would like to dip your toe in to in person worship be assured that you are welcome here (and that won’t be pounced upon).


Richmond Uniting Church welcomes adults, children and babies into the sacrament of baptism. Preparation for baptism is provided for each person (or the parents of babies), so that the central mysteries of Christian faith can be wrestled with and explored before people decide whether to enter this life long commitment. If you would like to explore baptism, please contact our minister at the Richmond Uniting Church office on 9427 1282.


Richmond Uniting Church welcomes marriages of couples: same sex couples and heterosexual couples, who wish to have a Christian Marriage ceremony. Please contact our minister at the Richmond Uniting church office on 9427 1282 if you would like to make further enquiries about marriage preparation and potential dates for weddings.


Richmond Uniting Church welcomes funeral services for those who seek to have a Christian funeral for a loved one. Please contact the minister at Richmond Unting Church office on 9427 1282.


Rev Dr Sally Douglas